22 FEBRUARY 1930, Page 1

The Naval Conference At the end of last week, the

French and Japanese', Naval memoranda' were published. It 'Must be said at once that the French demands are very. formidable; and; if pressed, would ruin the plans upon Great Britain and the United States • have 'virtually agreed: M. Tardieu has frequently expressed his sincere desire to help the Conference, but it is clear now that, though French sincerity need not be questioned, the proffered help is.entirely dependent upon the satisfaction of French ideas of " security." Englishmen think that they have committed themselves 'to French 'wishes deeply enough already'; if 'France chose to attack Germany capriciously they would find themselves at war very much against their will. France would like now to have the equivalent of the LocarnO Treaties in the Mediterranean and the Atlantic. It is inconceivable that this country would consent further to jeopardize its fortunes except in loyalty to the Covenant. * * * *