22 FEBRUARY 1930, Page 21


As the correct use of the " King's English " is occasionally the subject of discussion in the Spectator, I am emboldened to submit for your observations, the following :—My daily paper is the Birmingham Daily Post and my weekly paper, the Spectator. In the Birmingham Post, whenever a reference is made in the middle of a sentence to the King, it is nlwiika written " his Majesty " (small h), while in the Spectator Majesty " (capital H) is used. In the issue of the Spectator of February 8th, I notice, however, for the first time, on page 199, in the extracts from A Hundred Years Ago, under the head " The King's Speech" that his Majesty is frequently quoted, whereas in the same issue (p. 185) " His Majesty (the usual form for- the Spectator) is used. Is it a case of antique and modern forms ? I believe it was the Rev. E. F. M. MacCarthy, M.A., late Head Master of King Edward's School, Five Ways, Birmingham, who told me years ago that His Majesty (capital H) in. the middle of a sentence should only be used when referring to Our F.-BENNErr, 419 City Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham. -