22 FEBRUARY 1930, Page 22

Mrs. Philip Martineau can remember the time, before golf and

'motors, when fashionable people rode in the Park either between eleven and one, or between five and seven. The men wore tightly fitting trousers, black coats and silk hats, and the women cloth habits with the same grande tenue. In Hunting and Horses (Bens, 12s. 6d.) she tells of her experiences not only (or chiefly) in Rotten Row, but with Sir Watkin Wynn's, the Pytchley, the Quorn, the New Forest Buck- hounds, the Bieester, and in Ireland with the Duhallow and the United. She loved the Irish, and tells of a girl who milked the cows at five in the morning, hunted all day and danced most of the night ; and of an old man who used to drive to the meet in a gig, unharness and saddle up his trapper, hunt him all day, then put him back in the gig and drive him borne. " Sure, and it's a fine change for the crathur," he said. There are many shrewd hints on breeding and stable-management too. Horse-lovers should buy and keep this book : it is too good merely to borrow.