22 FEBRUARY 1930, Page 3

The French Crisis On Monday, the.French Chamber staged its customary

" Conference " crisis. M. Tardieu's Government was defeated by five votes on a vote of confidence, asked for by the Finance Minister, M. Cheron, who, following M. Poineare's policy, is building up a very strong financial position, yet refuses to remit taxation. M. Cheron had resolved to devote considerable sums to the amortize= tion of the national debt, and was also adamant on the question of maintaining large Treasury cash balances with the chief banks. The real trouble, of course, lies deeper. Whatever may be the view of the country, deputies, without distinction of party, have been chafing at the unwarranted exercise of firmness which was the way of the latest Prime Minister. The solution of the present difficulty is not easy, as no party leader can count on a stable majority. * *