22 FEBRUARY 1930, Page 35

Finding that the history of their school had;not been written

for a century or more, the members of the-Merebant- Taylors' School Archaeological Society set to work to, produce one bk co-operative effort, The result is a pleasant and informing volume, entitled Merchant Taylors' School : 'Its Origin; History and Present Surroundings (Oxford : Blackwell. 10s. 6d.),,, which old boys and present boys alike will read with• interest; all the more because the school is soon to leave the Charter. house site and move into the remoter suburbs. The famous school was founded by the Company in 1561, and entered its present home in 1875. The history of the Charterhouse, St. Bartholomew's, the Priory of St. John, Clerkenwell, and St. Etheldreda's in Ely Place is treated in the closing chapters.