22 FEBRUARY 1930, Page 38

If the Coal Mines Bill passes in its present form

and occasions even a small part of the injury which it is maintained in 'many quarters is Nicely to be inflicted upon industry, through high prices of fuel, it will certainly not be for want of its proposals having been challenged by many quarters, and not least by the various gas companies. At the recent annual general meeting of the South Suburban Gas Company Dr. Charles Carpenter expressed his fears that the Bill would have the ultimate effect of raising the price of coal, and I think, in particular, his remark concerning profit-sharing -schemes is to be commended. He suggested that as labour :troubles had been the cause of many difficulties in the coal industry, the Government's proposals should include some scheme of co-partnership as between capitalists engaged in the industry and their employees. It is a system which has certainly worked well in some of the gas companies.