22 FEBRUARY 1952, Page 17

SIR, —Thank you for the leading article in the Spectator of

February 15th—Queen and Nation. It is the best thing I have read on the new reign, and I agree with every word of it. The sad thing is that novels of the type mentioned are often widely acclaimed as excellent by eminent reviewers in many reputable papers. The ordinary reader is constantly disgusted and astounded by the works so forcibly recom- mended to him.

I know that savage criticisms of such"novels only serves to give them valuable publicity; but could not a policy of studied neglect do much to help ? If such books were simply not-reviewed or noticed at all by papers of the calibre of the Spectator 1 believe the position would greatly improve. Nothing hurts a writer's reputation so much-as to be ignored.—Yours faithfully, DOROTHEA STREET. Wayside, Stoford, near Salisbury.