22 FEBRUARY 1952, Page 17

Which King ?

S1R,—The more erudite the historian, the more difficult it doubtless is for him to assess the late King's place among our Sovereigns. The everyday/reader of history is less in the position of being unable to see the wood for the trees of time and character. Like Janus I can find no "modern" King who can compare with our late George VI. Not until Henry I did I pause, feeling there were sufficient grounds for comparison. Wisdom, a sense of duty, a quietness of character and temperament, and a capacity to personify what was best in the nation, seemed to me to be present in both Kings.

None the less, I feel that it is among the Anglo-Saxons rather than the Normans that George VI's compeer must be sought; and that the rhythm of his personality and devotion to work is perhaps closer to that of Alfred the Great than to any ruler since the Conquest.-1 am,

Sir, yours faithfully, AL AN DANE. Arncott Hall Hotel, Bournemouth West.