22 JANUARY 1859, Page 10

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Dr the quietest trade circles, as in the worlds of politics, commerce, and general enterprise, the rumour of impending war on the Continent, has not been without its consequences. Oriental silk, bought in Eng- land for delivery in France, (fine Chinas) was, at the end of last week, telegraphed to be sold, and the Continental manufacturers show unmis- takeably their intention of limiting their operations as much as possible to bona-fide orders. There was a slight decline in the price of silk, in consequence, at the termination of the week.

A correspondent writes from Macclesfield that the manufacturers, in some instances, appeared to be making .goods one against the other, as it were • but, although a good season is justly expected, the trade is open- ing slowly ; and this has somewhat checked the spirit of production.