22 JANUARY 1859, Page 10


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There has been a good deal of speculative business doing in the market. for English Securities this week, while public investments have been very limited. Operations in the early/part of the week were chiefly in an upward direction, an improvement taking place in Consols upon last Friday of half per cent ; the recovery in the price of French Rentes and a comparative ces- sation of the late excitement, somewhat restored confidence and brought several influential purchasers into the market. The fluctuations of each day have never exceeded 1 per cent, and although the tone is decidedly firmer, the market is still subject to the slightest rumour of an adverse character. Console opened on Monday at 951 with evident firmness ; the receipt of higher prices from Paris caused an advance during that and the following day to 961, a decline afterwards occurred to 96; and today the report of an Austrian Loan of 6,000,000/. soon to be brought out, has caused a further reaction of 1 per cent ; so that altogether, there is only a frac- tional difference between the closing quotations of this and last week. Bank Stock, 224 228; India Stock, 222 224; India Debentures, 991 ; Reduced and New Three per Cents, 961 1 ; Consols,951j. The Govern- ment Broker is still buying daily, on account of the Savings' Banks Com- missioner, about 20,000/. in Consols. Money in this market is freely offered at 1 per cent. An average business hasbeen transacted in Foreign Stocks, and little altera- tion has taken place in most securities ; but for foreign politics, prices would no doubt be higher, several stocks being considerably below their real value. The New Turkish Six per Cent Loan has again principally oc- cupied the attention of dealers, the fluctuations having been rather serious ; at one time there were sellers at 6 die., the lowness of this figure evidently brought in buyers and an immediate rally to 4 die. was the consequence. The old Turkish Six per Cents are 1 per cent better than last noticed, 91 1 ; Sardinian Stock is a shade firmer, and Spanish Bonds have been in great demand at an advance of per cent. Peruvian Four-and-a-half per Cent, 91 2; Ditto Uribarren' 71 2; Venezuela Active, 43 44; Grenada Active, 20 21; Ditto Deferred, 51 6; Mexican, 191 ; Victor Emmanuel, 91 2; Sardinian, 86 87 ; Spanish, 45 45j; Portuguese, 47 1. Money continues very plentiful at about 3 per cent. The Railway Share Market has not been very animated during the week, and only a moderate business passing. Although there have been occa- sionally fluctuations of + per cent, the tendency upon the whole has been downwards, only checked by the favourable character of the principal Traffic Returns. Rumours respecting the approaching dividends are the chief cause of the dulness. Great Western is last quoted So 56; Caledonians have receded to 421 1 ' • Midland, 1021 ; London and North Western, 961 ; Lancashire and Yorkshire, 971 ; Bristol and Exeter, 941 95k; South-Eastern, 221 1; London and Brighton, 1131 114k; Great Northern Shares, 261 is Manchester, Sheffield, and Lincoln, 381 1. In the French Railway Market, shares show considerable steadiness com- pared with the flat and fluctuating markets of last week. Lombardo- Venetian have recovered about 2/. per share from the lowest point, and the baglish public has brought large quantities for investment ; the old shares are now 91 ; Luxembourg, 7 1 ; Northern of France, 371 ; Southern of France, 21 1 ; Paris and Lyons, 33.1 1; Paris and Strasbourg, 26-17t.


An Account, pursuant to the 7th and 8th Victoria, rap. 82, for the Week ending on Wednesday the 19th day of Jan. 1858.

issue DiTiATXIXT.

issued Notee , 833,035,670


,,,,,, ENT.

Government Securities (inclu-

ding Dead Weight Annuity) £10,698,507 Other Securities 16,507,901 Notes 12,044,485 Gold and Silver Coin 623,599

— £39,876,792

• Including Sec hequer, Saviog-Banks, Commissioners of National Debt, & Dividend Acct.

Proprietors 'Capital Z14,553,000 Rest' 3,248,430 Public Deposits' 6,960,269 Other Depoaits 14,918,727

Seven Days and other Bills 866,366



09,876,792 811,015,1E0 Government Debt Other Securities 3,459,91,0

Gold Coin and Bullion 19,560,570

Silver bullion