22 JANUARY 1859, Page 10

Mr. C. W. Harrison has patented the use of mercury

or other fluid or semi-fluid body as one or more of the electrodes in the Electric light : a tube within the lamp ensures its remaining full or nearly so during con- sumption by the light, and a tap contracts the supply of the fluid elec- trode. By dividing the stream, any number of lights can be produced, and the patentee provides a self-regulating means of maintaining a con- stant degree of separation between the points ; forms reservoirs for hold- ing the fluid electrodes of a highly infusible material ; prevents the con- densation of vapour on the lamp, by causing a constant flow of water over the glass ; and prevents the rise of vapours from the waste fluid, by introducing a stream of water into the waste pipe.

We have already seen creeping into use a new kind of gas-burner, which passes by the name of " litut's Patent." The instrument itself consists of a mill pear-shaped shell; within it is a kind of piston, each end of which consists of wire gauze, with cotton or tow packed in i through this medium the gas passes, and is filtered in its passage. The effect is very striking, even to the eye at the moment of application. The flame is at once -whiter, more even in colour, softer, and yet more brilliant. It flows out without flickering or noise. In fact the gas is purified, and being purified the combustion is more complete. The con- sequence is, that a given amount of gas produces greater light, or, in other words, a given amount of light can be produced with less gas. The utility of the invention is attested by Dr. Pettigrew and other scien-

tific men. We are told that the " gas-economizer " may be introduced into rooms containing valuable furniture, or even into picture-galleries, without fear of tarnish or blackening ; and although that is a point which must be ascertained by experience, the invention unquestionably tends in that direction. The economy of consumption is obvious from what we have already stated. The price of the new burner is very low, and it can be added to any of the ordinary gas-burners without alteration.