22 JANUARY 1859, Page 11

A new association, called "The Musical Society of London," which

has been organized in the course of the last year, is about to commence its proceedings. It is not limited to members of the musical profession, but extends to amateurs, who, equally with professional artists, are to share in the management of its affairs. It is formed on a scale of great magnitude ; and its objects are to give concerts of the highest order, to aid native composers of genius in the publication as well as performance of their works, and to promote friendly intercourse among the lovers of music by means of meetings and conversazioni. The council for this year includes (among other eminent persons) the names of Benedict, Horsley, Maciarren, Molique, Mori Osborne' Smart, Wallace, and Wil- liam Chappell, together with the Reverend Sir W. H. Cope, Bart., Sir J. E. Harington, Bart., Dr. Rimbault, and Mr. &sped the barrister. Four orchestral and choral concerts are to be given at St. James's Hall during the season; the first on Wednesday evening next, when Mac• farren's cantata, May-Day, will be the most remarkable novelty. The commencement of the concerts of the Philharmonic Society, being regulated by the date of Easter, will be unusually late this year. The first of the series (six in number) will be on the 2d of May, and the last on the llth of July.