22 JANUARY 1965, Page 17

Politics and the Community

SIR,—In a recent letter ('Politics and the Com- munity') Dom Robert Petitpierre asked fundamental questions about the nature of the community and suggested it should be possible to build up a team of people devoted to 'rethinking, reassessing and restating fundamental beliefs which should guide the care of all types of community in Britain.' In a further letter, the Rev. Frederick Sillett drew atten- tion to the problems of over-specialisation and asks who is to carry on the research mentioned by Dom Robert. 'Might this not be a splendid opportunity. for the Church, for an entirely new field of creative ecumenical endeavour?'

Readers of the Spectator might like to know of a conference on the welfare state to be held in London on January 29 and 30 at Student Movement House in Gower Street. It is sponsored by the London Medical Group of the Student Christian Movement as a direct result of its concern for the isolation of medical students and its interest in their involvement in the community. The conference will combat professional isolationism by involving students not only of medicine, but also of law, theology, sociology, architecture and town and country planning, while not being restricted to these disciplines only. Throughout February groups of students will examine aspects of the welfare state. There will be a further session, Mardi 5 and 6, when these study groups will report back.

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