22 JULY 1843, Page 10

The season of the French Plays terminated last night, with

the engage- ment of Monsieur BOIIEFE ; but there is to be an extra night on Monday, for the benefit of Monsieur LEVASSOR, who will perform in three of his favourite characters. The season has been brilliant both as regards the variety and excellence of the performances and their popularity ; though the last and brightest of the seven stars "—Bouevi—has been the least attractive. We will not attempt to explain this now : it in- volves a discussion of one or two points for which we have not space this week. This great comedian played in three different characters on Wednesday, for the benefit of Mademoiselle FORCEOT, the Directrice : which we were sorry to see but indifferently attended, fur the lady is one of the cleverest and most meritorious members of the company as an actress ; and the good style in which the numerous pieces have been got up, especially in the article of costumes, reflects great credit on the direction. One of the pieces in which BOUFFE appeared was new to us. In Bertrand rHorologer, ou le Pere Job, which is founded on the story of the " Father and Daughter," he gave a most touching picture of the afflicted father : the unsettled intellect of the old man was apparent in his wandering manner, suspiciously apprehensive look, and features sharpened by suffering. No frantic outbreak startled the audience, but a strong sympathy was excited for the poor wreck of humanity, who clung to the memory of his daughter as the link that bound his senses together.