22 JULY 1843, Page 19



On the 5th July, at Winsley House, Shropshire. the Lady of Jam Pamirs, Esq., of a daughter. On the 7th, at the Vicarage. Newlyn. the Lady of the Rev. EDWARD Dix. of a son. On the 10th, at Teaninick. Ross shi.e, the Hon. Mrs. Serums of a son.

On the Ilth, at the Rectory, Barkstune, near Grantham. the Wife of the Rev. H. CLEVELAND. of a daughter.

Ou the 12th. at Welfield House. Radnorshire, the Lady of EDWARD D. THOMAS, Esq., High Sheriff of the county. of a daughter. On the 13th, at Wimpole, the Countess of HARDWICTCR, of a son.

On the 13th, at High Leigh. Cheshire, the Wife of Captain &tame Lyme, of a son and heir.,

Ou the Pitt ,iu Devonshire Place, the Lady of EnWARD HENS:AGE, Esq.. M.P., of a SOU. On the 17th. in Montague Square, the Lady of Major the Hon. J. Si. VINCENT SAUNA. RED, of a son.

On the 18th. at the Manor House, Lechlade, Glocestershire, the Lady of Gloat= M,I.WARD. Esq., of a son.

On the 19th, at Bloomsbury Rectory, the Hou. Mrs. Mame° Vitamin, of a dan h ter.

0.1 the 21st, at Liverpool. Mr. ALFRED CASTELLAIN, of a daughter.


On the 12th July. at Paris. Le VICOMTE AM slime DES Revs, son of Monsieur le Comte des Roys. Peer of France. to ELISE, fourth daughter of the late PI:TER DE DollECQ, Esq., of Xeres de la Ft °merit. and London.

Ou the 13th. at Heath. Bedfordshire, the Rev. JOSHUA CAUTLEY, of Broughton, Bucks, ICI MARY CATHERINE. second daughter of the tote Captain CUMBERLLGE.

On the 14th, at Plymouth. SAMUEL WHITE HENNAH. Esq., Captain of the Fourth Regiment of Madras Light Cavalry. to MAR° titer, youngest daughter of the late HENRY BULL STRANGWAYS, Esq., of Shapoick. Somerset. On the 15th. at St. Pancras. Gsosor DOUGLAS, Esq., of Timpendean, Roxhurghshire, eldest son of the late Major-General Sir William Douglas. K.C.H.. to MARY REEVOR, second daughter of the Rev. WILLIAM JAMES CARVER, M.A., Rector of Witgarthiug, Norfolk.

On the 17th. at Great Waltham, Essex, GEORGE YOUNG Aomori, Esq., Barrister-at- law. to ANNE, daughter of Jon imam TUFNELL. Esq.. of Laugleys. Essex. On the 18th. at Southampton, WILLIAM YCLLAND. Esq., of the Royal Engineers, to ELLEN CATHERINE. youngest &melees of the late Captain PETER RAINIER. R.N., C.B., and Aide-de Camp to his late Majesty William the Fourth, of Southampam. On the 18th, at Liverpool, James WICELsTEn Siva°, Esq.. of Clialtoullall, Cheshire, to CATHERINE, second daughter of the late EDWARD GRIFFIN, Esq.. of Liverpool.


On the 7th June, at Jamaica, the Countess of ELGIN, and a daughter, with wham she was confined ou the 5th.

On the 6th July, at Edinburgh, the Right Hou. GEORGE Ross LINDSEY CRAWFORD, Earl of Glasgow. On the 10th, at Dawlish. Devonshire, the Rev. THOMAS DEACLE. A.M., Rector of Somersetshile; in his 73d year. Ou the 12th, at Richmond. CHRISTOPHER PHILIP. last surviving son of C. P. GARRICK. Esq., Magistrate for. Surrey: in his 26th year. On the 13th, at Kuightsbridge, the Hon. Atroosurs ALGERNON WELTERS, R.N. ; in his 27th year. Ou the 14th, Captain JENRIN Jos'Es, R.N., and Captain RICHARD DREW.

elder Brethren of the Trinity House, who were accidentally drowned off Padatow whilst engaged on a survey in the Bristol Channel.

On the 15th, at Woodentt. Chichester. Lady Maar Louisa Lassies, sister to the late, and aunt to the present Duke of Richmond; in her 83d year.

On the 16th, at Hill Side, King's Lnugley, ANNE Anousrra.Wife of HENRY Tr/FENZEL, Esq., M.P.. and eldest daughter of the late Right Hon. Sir R. WILLMOT HORTON, Bart. On the 17th, VENETIA THERESA, second daughter of Mr. and Lady THERESA DIGBY. Ott the 18th. at Thistle Cottage, Fortis Green, Finchley, GEORGE, youngest son of Mr. WILSON the vocalist ; in his 8th year.

At Moukstown, near Dublin. WILLIAM DILLON. Esq., late Lieutenant in the Nine- teenth Regiment, son of the late Sir Charles Dillon. Bart., of Lismullen, Meath.'