22 JULY 1843, Page 19


Tuesday, July 18.


Scott and Hartley, Bradford, Yorkshire, wool stapiers—liatchelor and Rogers. Wel. lington Street, London Bridge, mercers—Aland and Matthews, Gerrard Street, gold. smiths—Barron aud Co. Giltspur Street, druggists; as far as regards F. Barron —Dan- ford and Eaynur. Oundle, postmasters—Clifton and Co. Bourn. Lincolnshire, malt, sters—Rabys and Co. Leicester, worsted-spiunets—Hall and Tanks, Brighton. flak- moogers—Wilmsherst and Co. Craubrook. backers—Pearce and Buckley. Liverpool, cutlers—Fintgau and Co. Waterford, provision-merchants—Bates and Bascovitz. Leeds. wool merchants—Hudson and Cu. Burnesitle, paper.manufacturers—Jackson and Co. Manchester, calico printers; as far as regards J. Jackson—Lee is aud Cu. Leeds. cigar- manufacturers—R. and J. Sidney. Worcester, hueedrapers— Sidney aud Co. Brierlyr Hill, Staffordshire. linendrapers; as far as regards R. Sidney—Adams and Wood, Clement's Lane, stout-merchant,— Doria and Tate. West Wickham, schoolmasters.


Berridge. Braybrouke. schoolmaster—Griffiths. Arley, Staffordshire, gardener— Coburn. Edgbaston, Warwickshire, engraver—Dransfield, Kirkburton, Yorkshire, clothier —Booth, Stalybridge, surgeon—Mackenzie, Hudderalield, spboter—Addis, Gloucester, painter—Dore. Dean Street, Basomsbury, mummy's clerk—White, Wake- field, out of business—Ford, Pilau, Devonshire—Johnson, Huddersfield. whilesmith- Butterfield, Rotherham, butcher—Nuttall, Liverponl, beer retailer —M William, Whalley, Lancashire, milliner—Delacourt. Devonshire Street, Lambeth. house. ageut—Barrett, Great Quebec Street, lodging-Lease-keeper—Paine, Weiabourue Road. Paddington, timber-dealer.


Airmen& RICHARD, King Street, Cheapside,button.manufacturer, to surrender July 25. Aug. 26: solicitor, Mr. Ellis, Cowper's Court, Corultill; official assiguee, Mr. Belcher, King's Arms Yard. liaceee, lees WILLIAM HoDOES, Little Bowden, Northamptonshire, horse.dealer, July 29. Sept. 15: solicitors, Messrs. Austen aud Hobson, Gray's Ion; official assiguee, Mr. Edwards, Old Jewry.

CHAPPELL. THOMAS, Sudbury. victualler, July 2.5, Aug. f.9 : solicitor, Mr. Lott. Bow Lane; official assiguee. Mr. Alsager, Birchin Lane.

Cnorsa, Janes BINION, Drury Lane. ironfounder. July 29. Sept. 15 : solicitors, Carlow and Haynes, Chaucery Lane; ofEcial assignee. Mr. Edwards, Old Jewry. ilmtw000, Joux aud FREDERICK. Feuchurch Street, stationers, July 25, Aug. 26 : so. licitors, Messrs. Clarke aud Davidsou, Essex Street, Strand; official assigoee, Mr. Pennell, Basingball Street.

RADCLIMFI, THOMAS, Birmingham, stationer. July 27, Aug. 21 : solicitor, Mr. Cox, Pinners' Hall ; official assignee, Mr. Whitmore, Birmingham. ftscuagosoN, Roes RT, High Street, Wapping. anchor manufacture, Aug. 3. 31 : soli- citor, Mr. Phillips, St. Dunstau's Hill; official assignee. Pennell. Basingball Street.

Sumas, GEORGE, King Square, Criswell Road, watch. manufacturer. July 27. Sept. 15: solicitors, Messrs. Harrison, Southampton Buildings ; official assignee, Mr. Groom, Abchurch Laue.

Nauss. MATTHEW, Back Hill, hearth-rug manufacturer, July 27, Sept 15: solicitor, Mr. Cox, Pitmer's Hall ; official assignee. Mr. Edwards, Old Jewry.


Aug. 10, Delamain, St. Mary-at-Hill. wine-merchant-Aug. 10, Copper, Reading. grocer-Aug. 8, Barnett. Sydenham. builder - Aug. 8. Pearson, Liverpool Road, builder-Aug. 8. Cater, Hertlord, brewer-Aug. 8, Davis, Bromley. Kent, innkeeper- Aug. 16. Crook. George Yard. Lang Acre, livery-stable-keeper-Aug. 11. Harwood. Beverley. linendraper - Aug. 12, Wilkiuson, Mauchester, toy-dealer --Aug.10, leghain, Manchester. chemist-Aug. 10. Goode. Manchester. merchant-Aug. 10, Greenwood, Rochdale, innkeeper-Aug. 25. Humphreys, Llansilin. Denbighshire, surgeon-Aug. 29, Whiteley. Liverpool, hatter-Aug. 16. T. and E. Williams. Liverpool, linendrapers -Aug. 12, Southern. Walsall. miller-Aug. 10. Fiuu. Nottiughant tailor-Aug. 11, J. and H. Goddard. Market Harborough. bankers-Aug. 14, Rose, Spalding-Aug. 16, Warden, Market Harborough, innkeeper.


To be granted. unless cause be shown to the contrary. on the day of meeting.

Aug. 10, Perkins. Bridp.rt Place. Huston, corn dealer-Aug. 10, Whitmore, Strand, newspaper-proprietor-Aug. 16. Young. Milford, near Godahning, nurseryman-Aug. 24, Sims. Penzance. grocer-Aug. 9, Parry, Haverfordwest, draper-Aug. le. North, Bath, innkeeper-Aug. 21, Ellis, Merlin's Bridge, Pembrokeshire. draper-Aug. 22, Leyslton. Cardiff. auctioneer-Aug. 10, Mansfield, Liverpool. coal dealer-Aug. 10, Lloyd, Liverpool. victualler-Aug. 10, Humphreys. Ll-ansilio. Denbighshire, surgeon -Aug. 16, T. and E. Williams, Liverpool, lineudrapers - Aug. 8, Burton, Sheffield, butcher-Aug. 8. Musgrave, Leeds, dyer-Aug. 11, J. and G. Clarke-Aug. 10, Law, Manchester. chemist-Aug. II, Rowbottom, Manchester, flour-dealer-Aug. II, J. and T. Stutter& Manchester, cotton manufacturers.

To be granted, unless cause be shown to the contrary, on or before Aug. 8. Parkhurst, Stoke upon-Trent, grocer-Durrant and Banks. Faruiughans. bakers- Jarrett, Castle Street, Southwark, hat-manufacturer - Hands and Gill, Coyeutry, riband manufacturers-Collett, Ossett, near Wakefield, cotton-spinner-Brown and Barrett. Stepney, machinists- Masterman, Croydon, grocer - Harrison, Red Lion Street, Holborn, victualler-J. and T. Fielding, Blackburn, joiners-Fish, Lincoln, butcher.


BELL, J., Maxwelltown, merchant, July 24, Aug. 14. Bowls, W.. Falkirk, merchant, July 24. Aug. 14. Pautor.s, J., St. Andrews, merchant. July 25, Aug. 19.

Friday, July 21.


Hudson and Lodge, cattle dealers-E. J. and E. J. Weston. Brunswick Street, Stam- ford Street, builders-Braithwaite and Co. Henrietta Street, carvers-Bridges and Webster, Belper, Derbyshire, nail-manufacturers-T. and C. Abbott, Market Mar- borough, booksellers-Thurman and Co. Nottingham, hosiers- Benu and Co. West Smithfield. woollen-factors-B. and J. Roberts, Batley, coat dealers-Ewbank and Cordes, Idol Lane-Ellis and Co, Upper Thames Street. wholesale druggists-Ball and Keating. Grosvenor Mews, New Bond Street, cabinet makers-Marshall and Dickiuson, Leeds, stuff-merchants-Martin and Co. Liverpool, sail-makers-West- brook and Grey. Ratcliffe- Haworth and Whitehead, Forest of Rossendale, Lanca- shire, cotton-spinners; as far as regards Haworth-Wood and Walsh, Percy Street, tea-merchants -Pursell and Loveless, Stockbridge, surgeons-Woods and Taylor, Cambridge. linendrapers-Hay and Harrell. Portsmouth. chemists-M., G. 0., J. D., and 1. H. Greenwood, Bradford, Yorkshire, stuff-manufacturers.


Brooke. Liverpool. copper-Scott, Chelsea. surgeon- Ryan, Nassau Street, minister -Smart, South Audley Street, watch-maker-Blatherwick, Nottingham, lace-cap- maker-Wells, Salford. mechanic-Unto in, Sheffield. victualler - Pemberton. Oswestry, lately an innkeeper-Evisou, Liverpool, bookkeeper-Lee. Sedgley. Staffordshire, baker-Blakely, Thornhill. Yorkshire. stone-mason-Scott, Manchester, general agent --Frankcom, Kiug Street, Soho, out of busiuess-Williams,Leamington Priors, surgeon -Hidden, Liverpool, professor of music.


Bean THOMAS, Lewes, brewer.

Derr, loom, Burnley, Lancashire, grocer.

Esau, HENRY and ALFRED, Oxford Street, cutlers.


Arreanws Hexer, and TWINING, CHARLES, Peckham, brewers, to surrender July 28, Aug. 29: solicitor. Mr. Roberts, Bride Court, Blackfriars; official assignee, Mr. Whit- more, Basingliall Street.

Er.ms, HENRY, Norwich, draper, July 28, Sept. 16: solicitor, Mr. Ashurst, Cheap- side; official assignee, Mr. Groom, Abchurch Lane.

RARDLEY, EDWARD. Exeter, china-dealer, July 26, Aug. 29: solicitor, Mr. Clipper ton. Bedford Row; Mr. Mutton. Exete: ;official assignee, Mr. 'tinsel, Exeter. GRAY, Joins, Jarrow, Durham, timbermerchstit, Aug. 1. Sept. 5 : solicitors, Mr. Ingledew, Newcastle-upon-Ts ne ; Williamson and Hall, Gray's bin; official assignee, Baker, Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

Hxwerr. GEoR0E. and Hewszrr, Gamin. Manchester, woollen-drapers, Aug. 3, 30: solicitors, Messrs. Makinson and Sanders, Middle Temple; Atkinson and Saunders, Manchester ; official assignee. Mr. Pelt. Manchester. Hermit/sow, WILLIAM, and VESEY, JAMES HENRY, Moorfields, Gloucestershire, che- mists, July 31, Aug. 31: solicitor, Mr. Manning. Dyers' Buildings, Holborn; official assignee, Mr. Acramau, Bristol.

JONES, Taomas LLOYD, Wimborne Minster. Dorsetshire. surgeon, Aug. 5, Sept. 16 : solicitors, Mr. Dean, Guilford Street ; and Mr. Bryant, Wimborne; official assiguee, Mr. Edwards. Old Jewry. ()RAM. Joins, Chard, lace manufacturer, Aug. 3, 29: solicitors, Mr. Church, Bed- ford Row; Mr. Tyrrell, Exete, ; and Mr. Dommett Chard ; official assignee, Mr. Hernameu, Exeter.

*remise. JOSEPH, Southampton, hatter, July 29, Sept. 15 : solicitor, Mr. Smith, Bridge Street. Southwark ; official assignee, Mr. Groom. Abchurch Lane. WHITE, WILLIAM, Aldersgate Street, chemist, July 28, Aug. 29: solicitors Messrs. Watson and Broughton, Falcoln Square official assiguee, Whitmore, Basiughall Street.


Aug. 11. Wren, Chichester, brewer-Aug. 11, Tattersall, Noble Street, hosier-Aug. 11, Brown and Coombs, Wiudsor, bankers -Aug. 14, Whitfield, Tooley Street, grocer -Aug. 14. Turrnaine. Canterbury, brewer-Aug. 14, Richmond, Lime Street, mer- chant-Ang. 17, Sidebotham and Lewis, Haugleou aud Manchester-cotton manufac. turers-Aug. 15, J. T. and W. Bradley, Leeds, ironmongers- Aug. 15, Lonsdale. Sheffield grocer-Aug. 15, White and Leith, Worksop, machine-makers-Aug. 15, Hembrough, Wakefield, worsted manufacturer-Ang. 15, Walker, Leeds. brewer-Aug. 15, Pearson, York, attorney-Aug. 15, Brensley, Leeds. victualler-Aug. 15, Marsden, Halifax, woollen cloth-manufacturer-Aug. 16, Webb, Forebridge, Staffordshire, coru- dealer -Aug. 3, Carter, Stafford, builder.


To be granted. unless cause be shown to the contrary, on the day of meeting.

Aug. 11, Tattersall, Noble Street, hosier-Aug. 11, Reach. Bard% ell. Suffolk. miller -Aug. 11, Cooper, Harleston, Suffolk, coal-merchant-Aug. 16. Stripling. Colchester, coachmaker-Aug. 15, Wanostrocht, Liverpool, merchant - Aug. 16, Lampe& Devon- port, linendreper.

To be granted, unless cause be shown to the contrary, on or bef.re Aug. IL Poollv, Maidstone, timber rasichant-Stubbs, Worthing, coachmaker -Griffiths. Vaaxhall, coaLmerehaut -Penn, Canterbury, cabinet-maker-Dickenson. Menthes,

ter. dyer - Simmonds. Leamington Priors, dealer-Pearson, Workington, Cumberland. chemist -Nield, Oldham. cotton spinner-Forster, Sunderland, iron-manufacturer- Stricken and Utton, Malkin Street. Belgrave Square, coachmakers- s atkinson, fir. stall, card maker-Blake, Sunderland, tiuner-Johnstone, Sheffield, coachmaker - Peale, Shrewsbury, grocer.


Scott, Birmingham, railway-carriage lamp manufacturer ; second eiv. of Ss.. Aug, 10. and any subsequent Thursday; Mr. Bittleston. Birmiugham-Hickman, Dudley, druggist ; div. of 2s. 9d.. Aug. 3, and any sulxequent Thursday ; Mr. Bittleston, Bir- mingham-Cottam and Osburn. Leeds, wine-merchants ; first div. of 3s.. also 9s. on the separate estate of W. Osburu, Aug. 1, and any subsequent Monday or Wednesday ; Mr. Hope, Leeds- Reynolds. Liverpool, druggist ; third div. of Id., July 26, and any subsequent Wednesday, Mr. Follett. Liverpool.


Basactrouo. W., Edinburgh, graiu merchant, July 21, Aug. 16.

DUMBRECK, A. W.. Edinburgh, farmer. July 26. Aug. 16.

Ilissop, T., Alloa, grocer, July 27, Aug. 17.

MAlisHALL, A.. Lillybauk Toll-bar, Dundee. machine-maker, July 28, Aug. 18. PEACOCK. W., Little Keithuck. Perthshire, grain-dealer, July 27. Aug. 17.