22 JULY 1843, Page 8

On the state of South Wales, the Times this morning


" It is more and more believed that men not of education only, but of rank, are concerned in them. This derives considerable probability from the obvious skill and unity with which the operations of the rioters are planned and executed; and it adds not a little to the seriousness with which they deserve to be re- garded. Without a head from the upper classes no rising of the people has ever proved permanently formidable."

This is suggested by its reporter's Carmarthen letter of Wednesday, which details some remarkable circumstances. The Dragoons are in the saddle every night scouring the country, but they always happen to be in the wrong place. On Tuesday they went to Langewilly ; and while they were there, a small party of rioters entered the town of Kidwelly, eight miles from Carmarthen, and demolished a toll-house and gates ; not a soul interfering among hundreds of inhabitants. At the same time, Prendergast gate at Haverfordwest was destroyed while the military were in the town ; not a single person giving the least hint of what was going on. At Newcastle-Emlyn, on Saturday, a gate which had been thrice reerected was found to have been entirely re- moved. Government continue to pour troops into the district ; but the destruction of gates is unimpeded ; and the demands of the rioters grow bolder. They have begun to issue notices against the payment of rents;