22 JULY 1843, Page 9

The news from Spain is not of later date, but

it is interesting. The Regent was on the 12th instant at La Carolina, and his movements are supposed to indicate that he was making for Madrid. In letters from Madrid, of the 14th, the force of Aspiroz is stated at only 3,000 ; and be bad been forced to withdraw from the capital, to await the arrival of the troops under Narvaez. The National Guards poured in from the banlieue, and the capital soon mustered a body of 18,000 men. The inhabitants were in excellent spirits, the shops were open, and circula- tion was perfectly unimpeded. Serrano is reported by a French courier to have been at Guadalajera, ten leagues from Madrid, on the 13th; but the Saragossa correspondent of the Morning Chronicle reports him at Almadronez, nineteen leagues from Madrid, on the 14th. Seoane and Zurbano were, on the 14th, with all their forces, on the high road to the capital: they were to sleep at Calatay ad that night. The same day, General Serrano had summoned the city of Saragossa to surrender. The authorities replied that they should not change their former determina- tion, and that they would repel force by force.