22 JULY 1876, Page 2

Lord Granville was on Thursday night to have called attention

to the quarrel between the Governments of Great Britain and America on the subject of extradition. He had given a very long notice, that the Government might not be taken by surprise, and it was understood that the debate would be a full one, but Lord Derby stated that although the papers would be ready on Saturday, he had within the last few hours received a communication which would make- a discussion for the moment inconvenient to the public service. He could not repeat that communication to the House, but he had told the facts un- reservedly to Lord Granville. Lord Granville doubted for him- self whether discussion would do any harm, but declined to take the responsibility of beginning it, while the Government thought it would be injurious. There was nothing else to be done, of course, but still it is impossible not to feel that nothing is dis- cussed now-a-days. Either the papers are not ready, or the dis- cussion would be inconvenient, or there is too much other business on hand, till Parliament is as silent on important events as if they had not occurred.