22 JULY 1876, Page 2

Lord Henry Lennox on Monday announced that he had re-

signed liis post as First Commissioner of Works. He had taken this step, he said, in consequence of Lord Coleridge's strictures upon the conduct of the Directors of the Lisbon Tramways Company, of whom he was one. He assured the House that he had no knowledge whatever of the contracts behind the pro- spectus, that he had purchased 300 shares with his own money, and that he was a heavy loser by the Company. What he had done wrong was to accept 100 paid-up shares, but at that time he fancied this was a usual mode of remunerating Directors. Lord Henry as he spoke was deeply affected, and the House evidently sympathised with him. Mr. Disraeli said a few words, the drift of which was that the noble lord's feeling was worthy of himself ; and Mr. Trevelyan, who

had threatened a question on the subject, and had thereby brought the matter to a head, rose to say that Lord Henry had spoken in a manner " most creditable to his feelings," that his object in giving notice of his question was fully answered, and that he should not say another word. It is believed that the Hon. Gerard Noel will succeed to the Commissionership of Works.