22 JULY 1876, Page 2

The Bishop of Manchester wrote an admirable letter to Tuesday's

Times, insisting that as Lord Derby had complained that the country did not always speak out soon enough to tell its wishes to its Ministers, means should at once be taken to show that there is no indifference in this country as to what is going on in Bulgaria. The country does not wish its mag- nificent Fleet to be supposed to be giving even the sem. blance of support to such deeds as the deeds of the Turks in Bulgaria. The position of that fleet may have led some of the nations of Europe to think that the interests of bondholders are more precious in the eyes of England than the interests of humanity, and if so, the fleet should be ordered to leave Besika Bay at once. Dr. Fraser is right in thinking that this is a popular question, on which English feeling ought to speak out strongly and at once. It could hardly be led by a nobler spokesman than himself.