22 JULY 1876, Page 22

All the Way Round; or, What a Boy Saw and

Heard on his Way Round the World. (Sampson Low and Co.)—Very likely it is a good thing for a boy of eleven years of age to go round the -world, though we must confess to an old-fashioned prejudice in favour of his sticking to his Latin and arithmetic. But we feel very doubtful whether it is a good thing that he should write a book about it. Still it is only fair to say that the said book is readable, and likely to amuse young people who have not the advantage of being able to make the" grand tour," as the world now understands this phrase. Master Field—he is a grand- son of Mr. Dudley Field—does not appear to have carried away any impression from England beyond that of the mayor and corporation of Norwich in their robes ; but he saw a good deal elsewhere, and de- scribes it in a pleasant, unaffected fashiod, which, supposing that the book is a genuine product of so young a pen, does credit to the writer.