22 JULY 1876, Page 22

French Pictures in English Chalk. By the Author of "The

Member for Paris." (Smith and Elder.)—Many of our readers will remember these brilliant sketches as they appeared in the Cornhill Magazine, and will be glad to meet them again. Martin Bonlet, our "rough, red Candidate," who so admirably outmanoeuvres Archbishop, Prefbt, and the rest of the authorities, is quite deserving of a permanent place among portraits of French personages. So is the young democrat, Camille Lange, and his father, Demosthenes Lange. Of course, our author is a little cynical, witness the end of " Oar Secret Society," where four conspirators, who are bent on revolutionising France, not to say the world, appear in a way that shows them to be very fair "friends of order." "L'Ambnlance Tricochet," however, is a capital story, and free from this characteristic. Altogether, French Pictures is a book worth reading, or even reading again.