22 JULY 1876, Page 22

Our Indian Empire. By the Rev. S. Norwood. (Samuel Tinsley.)—

We cannot feel much confidence in a gentleman who thinks that Mace- donia was a tributary State of Persia in the days of the last Darius. The account of the Mutiny is written without the calmness which an historian should by this time be able to show. Nor is Mr. Norwood's style very happy. To speak of Merchant Taylors' School as the "London seminary of the Merchant Taylors' Company" is certainly a vulgarism ; and we find it difficult to characterise the feebleness of the remark that "it is singular that Shropshire should have given us Robert Clive, and the bordering county of 'Worcestershire, Warren Hastings." Mr. Norwood has taken up a great subject without adequate powers of dealing with it.