22 JULY 1876, Page 22

Real and Unreal: Tales of Both Kinds. By Harriet Olivia

Bedding- ton. (S. Tinsley.)—We wish that the writer of these tales had told us which of them were real and which were unreal. They are all of them, however, of a very slight and unsubstantial character, and are written in a somewhat affected style, so that they have the air almost of trans- lations. They ought to be read with a foreign accent, —what is known as "broken English" would suit them. We have had a groat deal lately about provincial France, and much of it is bettor than anything our present author has to give us. "The Old Hotel" is, perhaps, the best of these stories, and is, no doubt, more real than some of the others. The moral tone of the book is unimpeachable, almost obtrusively so, but there is a want of vigour which is fatal to so slender a thread of interest.