22 JULY 1876, Page 22

Sister Agatha ; or, " The New Catholic Teaching." By

the Rev. W. H. Pinnock. (Skeffington.)—The controversial tale is not an attractive kind of literature, but Dr. Pinnock avoids the offence which such books not uncommonly give. This volume, in fact, is a series of dialogues rather than a tale, and it is written with good-taste and moderation. It is especially intended to give a warning against the Romanising tendencies of certain of the Sisterhoods which call themselves Anglican. In speaking, as he naturally comes to do, of Roman practices, Dr. Pin- neck interests us, because he draws his information, not from books that represent a bygone time, bat from observation and knowledge of the present. It is now, for instance, that tracts headed with " Tout par Mario " and " Rion sans Marie are being circulated through France.