22 JULY 1876, Page 3

The Government of Constantinople have practically admitted the occurrence of

atrocities in Bulgaria. They have sent a Com- missioner to the disturbed districts to inquire into them, and have hanged one officer guilty of excesses near Philippopolis. Their Commissioner, Many Pasha, is said to be a good man, but unless

he is very unlike other Pashas, he will send up a merely palliative report, while unless he takes with him a strong body of troops, he will not be able to do justice on the Circassians. The only sufficient and permanent preventive of such scenes is to allow the Christians to carry arms, but this is the one reform to which even enlightened Mussulmans are not willing to accede. They fancy armed Christians would rebel, quite forgetting that security is the best preventive of the desire for rebellion. These Bulgarians are perfectly quiet folk, addicted to making money, and in arm- ing them the Government would not destroy the influence of its regular troops, or its own capacity to put down insurrection.