22 JULY 1893, Page 18



Srn,—I should he much obliged if your correspondent, " Vexillum," whose letter in the Spectator of July 1st I read a few days ago, would kindly tell me how he induces the cockroaches to eat hellebore powder. I tried it plain, and mixed with treacle; but whether it is that French cock- roaches are more fastidious than English, or whether from some other cause, the cockroaches here will not eat it. I have been recommended and tried many things, but am always reminded of the days of my childhood, when I was told the way to catch birds was to put salt on their tails. The birds refused to allow me to come near enough, and the cockroaches decline to eat the poison which ought to kill them. I am extremely anxious to get rid of them, and shall be most grateful for any advice.—I am, Sir, &c., St. Jean de Luz, July 14th. F.

[If the powder be mixed with flour and water, the thirsty cockroaches will usually eat it.—ED. Spectator.]