22 JULY 1899, Page 23

nu/ace, Ruedok, and the Valley of the Welsh Dee. By

an " F.R.A." (Pewtress and Co.)—Mr. Lloyd Price gives an account, with photographs of exteriors and interiors, of his house, Rulace, alias Rhicolis, in the county of Merioneth, tells us about some of his ancestors, describes some of his curiosities, among them a whisky cask, for Wales has lately taken to dis- tilling. Then there are some details about the Dee and Bala Lake. Among these is the gwyniad or fresh-water herring, found only in two places in Wales (Bala and Cwellin Lakes) and one in England (Windermere). If the readers of this book take as much pleasure in it as we may feel sure its author has done, it should do well.