22 JULY 1960, Page 4


A FEW weeks ago we criticised the irratior


ality of the campaign then being waged by some newspapers against the pep-pill Preludin. Now, attention has been diverted to a new tranquilliser, Librium. According to the Mirror', Librium was given to a ferocious lynx in an American zoo : after a dose, 'it became as tran- quil as a baby.' The drug has since been used to produce the same effect on mental patients and alcoholics, but the trouble is that it can 'cause drowsiness and affect muscle control if take without medical advice,' and 'any idiot could buy this drug from any chemist who is irresponsible enough to sell it.' At a conservative estimate, well over half of the Mirror's readers at some time during the weekend will be buying a drug whic not merely causes drowsiness and affects muscle control—whether taken with medical advice or not—but makes some of them a menace to then. - selves, to their families and—if they happen to he drivers-- to the public. It is sold without a medical prescription; and can be bought by anY idiot from any publican who is irresponsible enough to sell it. But does the Mirror advocate Prohibition?