22 JULY 1995, Page 45

CROSSWORD 1219: In-the-round by Mass

A first prize of £25 and a bottle of Graham's Late Bottled Vintage 1988 Port for the first correct solution opened on 7 August, with two runners-up prizes of £15 (or, for UK solvers, the Chambers Dictionary – ring the word 'Dictionary'). Entries to: Crossword 1219, The Spectator, 56 Doughty Street, London WC1N 2LL.

Radial lights read from edge to centre, or vice versa, twenty in each case. 13, 30 and 40 are thematic. Four similar words, in the circuit next to the outer one, and an associative word in the inner- most circuit, read clockwise.

Name Address

RADIALS (6) 31

1 Fragment over: treat, for Irish 32 breeches 2 They're red, squeezing a bellows 33 3 Push hard, in hope 4 Relish, say, getting in the money 5 Port and soda 'e's mixed 6 Notice exhaust, pedal installed, 35 and rate gauge 7 Dancing partner? Flighty girl 36 has none, look 37 8 Edible sea-worm, one left in 38 muddy pool 39 9 Shakespeare's pretty trendy old 40 fool 10 Nip etc's drunk: begin as before 11 Some scenarios include operatic pieces 12 Is shell containing round crustacean?

13 See preamble 14 Bar with German sausage 15 Quit or accept new contract?

16 Dog tore off without us 17 Mac's busy (i.e. about study time) 18 Golf score wife returned long after 19 Odd eels, apparently netted, slip away 20 Nick on English handle, old 21 Yellow sore's internal, by the way 22 At rear, subsequently, backing? About right 23 Enthusiasts run states 24 Preying in gorge 25 In brief, fusel-oils pour out 26 Exhausted from Eastern exploit, we hear 27 Refined appeal in European 28 Chest showing Arabic bird 29 Old mould active in blighted palms 30 See preamble Furs blow against railway School Latin drill's turned into drag Use as agent (mole) involved with Paraguay Chieftain holds prince and Eastern dominion Like shoots from Cyprus, some blasted Work on model's face Palm, again, by a river Uproar in rowing-boat Textile worker, a male, in drink See preamble 34

Solution to 1216: First of July

The title hinted at JAY (flashy immoral woman), suggesting 1.0l11)-• TAWDRY-GLITZY-GARISH-SHOWY- HASII-GAUDY (extra letters), describ- ing the unclued lights.

First prize: Mrs M. Moran, Horn- castle, Lincs, Runners-up: Dr T.O. Hughes, Dorchester; Frank Maslen, London SW1.

Dictionary prizes are sent out by the 'Post-a-Book' service.