22 JUNE 1974, Page 18


THE ECONOMICS OF INFLATION. Bressiani Turroni. Geo. Allen + Unwin: THE SOCIAL AND ECONOMIC HIS rORY OF THE ROMAN EMPIRE — M. Rostortzeff, ed. don Street, Frazee (2 vols. Oxford 1957). Miller, 20 Claren London, S.W.1.

FROM JESUS TO PAUL and the MESSIANIC IDEA IN ISRAEL by Dr. Joseph Klausner wanted by Allen & Unvvin. RU/SL. 40 Museum Street, London WC1A 1LU Ref.

IN ANOTHER COUNTRY by John Bayley, Box 473 POEMS by R. L. Stevenson, including Underwoods Ballads and Songs of Travel. THE NEBULY COAT, by J Meade, THE CLINTONS OF KENCOTE, series, 4 vols., by Archibald Marshall.—Mrs. Monck, Warden Lodge. Bishops Waltham, Southampton 503 1BR A BIBLIOGRAPHY OF NORMAN DOUGLAS by Cecil Woolf. Box 472

A QUESTION OF UPBRINGING by Anthony Powell any of h,s pre war novels. Tucker, 5 Cefncoed Road, Cardiff. SELF-KNOWLEDGE THROUGH HANDWRITING by H. S. Jack oby: De Mel, The Manor, Epsom, Surrey.

THE FLYING INN, WINE WATER AND SONG by G. K. Chesterton: YEAR'S OF CHILDHOOD by Aksakoff. — C, A. Fenton 4 Wickham Field, Otford Kent, THE ORISSERS. — L. H. Myers. Wigglesworth, Bradford Grammar School. Keighley Road, Bradford BD9 4JP.. , CASTIGLIONE'S COURTIER (Penguin edition). — 16 NiVorcester Road Sutton, Surrey. LETTERS OF THE 'SCATTERED BROTHERHOOD by Mary Strong, Published by James Clark (1965) — Blair Imrie, The Aunts Cottage, Lunan Arbroath, Angus. THE LOST LIBRARY, by Walter Mehring, pubiished 1951. — Box 470.

THE SKIN (LA PELLE) by Curzio Malaparte in English Translation. — Margaret Allen, The Times, London EC4. H.M.S. ILLUSTRIOUS, K. Poolman — Klmber Scoftt. 26 Penhanc, Fishguard, Pembs.

A DEANS APOLOGY, C.A. Alington (Faber 1952). Banyard St. Lesmo Tower, Aboyne, Aberdeen AB3 5HH. MRS GLADSTONE by G. Battiscombe Saville, A. D. Peters and Co., 10 Buckingham St , London W.C.2. STONES OF VENICE. Ruskin, recent, clean 2 vols. edition preferred, but earlier example might suit. Box 471 THOMAS BAINES, 'London, published May 1, 1852 by Ackerman & Co., 96 Strand. THOMAS BOWLER (TM London, published Oct. 1, 1864 by Day & Son, Gate Street, Lincoln's Inn Fields. Box 469.

AN AUTHOR'S DIARY (1876-80) by Dostoyevsky, KEYNES AT HARVARD by Zygmund Dobbs (Veritas Foundation); A PHILOSOPHY OF SOLITUDE by John Cowper Powys, and any works by T. F. Powys Ken worthy. 53 Highcroft Cres., Glenwood Estate, Bognor Regis., Sussex.

ERNEST JONES autobiography FREE ASSOCIATIONS. Morphen 31 Perry Orchard, Upton St. Leonards, Gloucester.

A GUIDE TO GLASTONBURY'S TEMPLE OF THE STARS by K. E. Maltwood 1929. Box 468 ' FRIENDS OF A LIFETIME ' Letters to S. C. Cockerel!. Rickett, Little Benhams, Rusper, Sussex. -THE ESCAPE CLUB by Evans. WITHIN FOUR WALLS by Cartwright. TUNNELLERS OF HOLTMINDEN by Durnford.

OFFICIALLY DEAD by Reynolds. RETURN JOURNEY by Arkwright. A CROWD IS NOT COMPANY by Kee. COLDITZ. THE GERMAN STORY by Eggers. INSIDE S.O.E. by Cookridge. THE WAY BACK author unknown. LONDON CALLING NORTH POLE by Giskes. THE WOODEN HORSE by Williams. Margaret Stephens, 17 Elers Road, Ealing, London W.13.

ENGLAND UNDER THE ANGEVIN KINGS (K. Norg'ate, 1887.i G. Hodcroft, 30 Sandy Lane, Stretford, Lancs, BUILDING OF THE WEST RIDING — Pevsner (Penguin) Rowntree, 35 Victoria Road, Sheffield 10.

THE HISTORY OF THE COUNTY OF MONAGHAN by Shirley: Elliott, West Walton, Wisbech PE14 7ELL ELEMENTARY FRENCH COMPOSITION, Ritchie & Moore (Nelson): General Mathematics 3. Darell (Bell) Green, 52 Tie Ridgeway, Ruislip, Middx. LOST VICTORIES Von Manstein (Methuen, 1958). Spragg Methuen, North Way, Andover. LOIRE VIVIEN ROWE Ann Mansbridge Eyre Methuen — 11 New Fetter Lane, London EC4.

CAMBRIDGE LESSONS IN ENGLISH by George Sampson (CUP. 1948). Shutter, 82 Mt Pleasant Road, Dartford, Kent BITS OF OLD CHELSEA. Illustrated by Walter William

Burgess. — Michael Parkin Fine Art Ltd., 01-235 8144. ' THE UNIQUENESS OF THE INDIVIDUAL' by P. B. Med 3 war. Lary McAdam, 9 Douglas House. Maida Avenue, London W.2. THE COLLECTORS BOOK OF BOOKS by Eric Quayle. (1971). Shafe 138 Marine Court, St. Leonards, Sx. THE SILVER FOX by Sommerville & Ross John Hayes, 7 West Grove London, S.E.10.

THOS. HARDY' 'Complete Short Stones 1928.' Hothouse, Macmillan, Little Essex Street, W.C.2. C. H. B. KITCHIN: THE BOOK OF LIFE, MR. BALCONY and THE SECRET RIVER, Francis King, 19 Gordon Place, London W8 4JE.

SILK AND SCARLET by ' The Druid.' P. Manche, 65 Ridge Road, London N8 9NP. PUNO1 1911 bound edition ALL EXCEPT THE BASTARD by Alan Corer,. and by the 'same-THE DOG IT WAS THAT DIED. Box 467.

AFRI CANA books wanted. Seth Thomas, 22 Halford Road, Fulham, London SW6. GALE WARNING by tiornford Yates. Box No. 456. THE VOLUNTEER WORK CAMP: A psychological evaluation, by H. W. Riecken, 1952. Pub Addison-Westey. Mrs. Norris. 17 Abbot Road, Guildford, Surrey. _ _ _ _

THE AMAZING QUEST OF' ERNEST BLISS by E. Phillips.; Oppenheim. — Box 456. THE TIMELESS THEME by Colin Stoll. — Neville Spearman, 112 Whitfield Street, London, W.1.