22 JUNE 1974, Page 5

Israel and Palestine

From The Hon. T. C. F. Prittie

Sir: W. J. Whitehead's claim (Spectator, June 8) that the Palestine Liberation Organisation has "repudiated unorthodox warfare" is in the nature Of a sick joke. At the very moment that his letter was in the post, representatives of organisations which claimed credit' for atrocities were sitUng at the PLO conference table.

They included men who, after the unbelievably brutal massacre of Israeli Children at Ma'alot, promised that there would be "further actions" of this kind.

Nor was Israel "born from a larger, Older state." It was born from a British Mandate, which was an area of colonial administration; and there has never been a state of Palestine in the entire history of the Middle East. Terence Prittie 15 Uxbridge Street, London W8.