22 JUNE 2002, Page 71

Q. Apropos children's car activities (1 June), reading games often

make the little darlings sick. I find few of today's children know the rules of pub cricket (invented before the advent of motorways). The car divides into two teams, one of which opens the 'batting' by scoring 'runs', or counting the legs on pub names: e.g., the Horse and Groom (six), the George (two). The second team may 'bowl out' the first by spotting a pub with no legs — the Rose and Crown or the King's Arms — whereupon the batting moves to the second team. Where the pub name is ambiguous — say, the Coach and Horses or the Cricketers — resolution is sought from the picture on the pub sign. If the pub sign does not clarify, then score the minimum points indicated: i.e., in the absence of a picture, the Fox and Hounds would count 12 runs. I hope this is helpful.

MS., Richmond, Sun-' A. Thank you for your suggestion, which would indeed be helpful in suburban traffic.

Mary Killen