22 MARCH 1930, Page 1

Unemployment The steady increase of unemployment is extremely serious, and

the Government, who definitely undertook to decrease it, cannot escape from the Nemesis of their words even though those who understand the facts can find excuses for them. The accusation by Protectionists that Mr. Snowden is causing unemployment by refusing to disclose his Budget proposals before the proper date, even if it be true in part, covers a very small part of the ground. It would be more true to 'say that the advance of scientific organization in industry is the cause of the displacement of labour. UnfortUnately this is always one' of the first results of Rationalization. It by no means implies, however, a- condemnation of Rationalization. If we are to refuse to respond to the teaching of science and experience we may as well smash up all machinery, as the Erewhonians did, or imitate Mr. Gandhi in spinning cloth in our own homes.