22 MARCH 1930, Page 13

Capital Punishment

Essay Competition THE Select Committee of the House of. Commons appointed to consider the question of Capital Punish- ment has been meeting weekly since the end of January. In view of the public interest created by this enquiry, the Spectator has decided to offer three prizes .of ten guineas, five guineas, and three guineas respectively for the best three Essays submitted on The Problem of the Death .Penalty in England To-day. Entries should be sent to • THE COMPETITION EDITOR, - The Spectator, 99 Gower Street, London, W.C. 2, and marked " Capital Punishment " in the top left. hand corner.

The Editor is -glad to announce that Sir. John Withers, M.P., and Mr. Laurence Housman have kindly consented to act with him as judges. It is desired that the Essays submitted should be in the nature of a critical 'study of the subject, and they will be judged according to merit irrespective of whether their writers approve or disapprove of Capital Punish- ment. Essays, which should in no ease exceed 2,000 words, should be on one side of the paper only, and if possible be typed. Essays should be submitted not 'later than March 31st, 1930, and' the Editor reserves publication rights in all Essays submitted. '