22 MARCH 1930, Page 16

American Notes of the Week

(By Cable)


ONE at least of President Hoover's Commissions, that he sent to Haiti, has done an excellent piece of work in a remarkably short time. It took the Commission less than a week to restore order to the troubled island, and to devise a plan, which has had cordial endorsement both in Haiti and in the United States, ensuring Haitian self-government in the future. For his. part, President Hoover has acted with corresponding des- patch and decision in accepting the plan and giving effect to it. The plan provides that in May a temporary President, who enjoys the confidence of the Haitian people, will succeed President Borno, upon whose removal the Haitians were insistent. The temporary President will call a general election this year and then resign, so that the elected legislature can appoint its own President. The American Military Commis- sioner will be superseded immediately by a civilian Minister." In the meantime the returning Commission is expected to make further recommendations which, while safeguarding legitimate American interests, will prevent future infringement of Haitian autonomy. The American Financial Adviser, doctors and agricultural experts, will probably remain to assist the Haitians, but the American officers in the Haitian National Guard are expected to be replaced by Haitians, and the American Marines will gradually be withdrawn.

* *