22 MARCH 1930, Page 16


Mr. Paul Scheffer, for many years Correspondent at Moscow of the Berliner Tageblatt, who was refused his visa to return to Russia a few months ago, arrives this week to become the Washington Correspondent of his newspaper. Mr. Scheffer succeeds at Washington the exceptionally capable Corres- pondent, Dr. Max Jordan; who has for the past few years been interpreting Washington to Germany with exceptional tact and insight, making thereby quite as great a contribution to German-American understanding as the German Ambas- sador himself. No foreigner knows more about the Russian situation than Mr. Scheffer and, primarily because of that fact, unusual interest attaches to his arrival. Numerous dinners and conferences have already been arranged at which Mr. Scheffer will be expected to give his view of Russia. He has recently been cabling to American newspapers, from Berlin, his observations on the development towards the extreme Left in Russia, and his comments here will fall upon ears very receptive to his point of view. There is irony in the fact that Moscow's refusal to let Mr. Scheffer return has caused his transfer to Washington.