22 MARCH 1930, Page 16


Both in and out of Congress the prohibition controversy continues with ever accumulating momentum. A notable development is the widespread taking of referendums by magazines, colleges, clubs, and other organizations, with the aim of obtaining some clear statistical indication of the weight of public sentiment favouring either enforcement, modification or repeal of the existing laws. One of the most important polls so far is that of members of the Union League Club, an exclusive centre of conservative Republican- ism. Members of the Club include Chief Justice Hughes, Secretary Stimson, Under-Secretary of the Treasury Ogden Mills, and many other of President Hoover's closest advisers. The poll, expected at least to endorse President Hoover's support for enforcement, did nothing of the kind. The questionnaires were answered by 1,324 out of the 1,800 total membership. Seventy per cent. voted for outright repeal, 20 per cent. for modification, and only 8+ per cent. opposed repeal. The total vote was 1,196 Wet, 109 Dry.