22 MARCH 1930, Page 19


H.My. wished Me to `playa Game of Piquet with Him—not knowing the Ganie much He gave Me 1 a lesson, after which I played one Game with H.My.—

I made this observation during My Visit. Whenever Doctor Willis was out of the Room, He rambled wildly on various subjects, but when the Doctor returned He turned the subject, played his Cards better, & talked more cautiously.

During this My Visit Sir Lucas Pepys came in. The King Conversed with Him on Latin, with which of late He has been much occupied—

From circumstances I perceived that H.My. played a part occasionally, with Doctor Willis, & not ill= Tonight while He was sitting at the Table, The King in a low voice (addressing Himself to Sir Lucas Pepys & me) & with a wink, told us that The Doctor was a great Rascal & then added " Tricking in Love & in Physick you know is all fair " At one time He took his opportunity of complaining to Sir Lucas & Me, of the Situation of a King in a Strait Waiscoat (and He now not unfrequently wore a precautionary one under his Coat) in a most affecting manner, & when Doctor Willis was out of the Worn he opened his Waiscoat & shewed us the Strait Waiscoat taking down its long Sleeves, & strings-