22 MARCH 1930, Page 2

French and British Naval Views An end of the Franco-British

psychological conflict, to which Professor de Madariaga does justice elsewhere in this number, is not brought nearer by the continual misrepresentation in the Paris Press of non-French points of view. A particularly unhappy example is the mistranslation of the recent statement on the Naval Conference signed by one hundred Members of Parliament. The signatories had 'contended that the Conference should do whatit was convened for, that is to say, in view of the 'Covenant of the League of Nations, the Kellogg Pact, and Locarno, " aim at giving practical effect to the security provided thereby." These words have become in French, " cherehe a rendre effective," which suggest that the security provided already is insufficient.. And, in fact, the Ere Nouvelle has twisted the British statement to mean something supporting the French " security " thesis, when, of course, it was precisely the opposite. * *