22 MARCH 1930, Page 2

However; now that commonsense has come to the rescue the

decision is none the less welcome because it is belated. We would suggest that the desirability of keeping the Government in office will not have lost its force when the Simon Report on India is produced. 'We should dread the complications which might ensue if the Labour Government were not in power then. There may -be a strong necessity for drawing the line at a particular point when concessions are being made, and if a Labour Government were in office at such a time they could rely upon the support of the other Parties. A Unionist Govern- ment could not rely upon support in the same degree. Much significance is being discovered in the new Labour- Liberal arrangement—for such it is taken to be. We cannot say what truth there maybe in any of the guesses, but it is evident that if the Liberal Party has made up its mind to extend a general tolerance to the Government, the Government's lease of life will be considerably lengthened. •