22 MARCH 1930, Page 23

MR. VACHELL'S BOOK [To , the Editor of the SeEc-rn.roa.]

think you are unfair to Mr. Vachell : hunting is not yet a crime, and I think his book should have been given to an impartial critic. I am not a hunting man, and appreciate that cruelty is a matter of considerable moment, but an attitude of self-righteous superiority seems to me likely to do more harm than good. The criticism in this case, as I see it, should be on the book itself—" is it a good one or not on hunting ? " and not on whether hunting is a cruel sport or the author a cruel man for writing the book.—I am, Sir, &c.,

[We are sorry if we should appear to have been unfair to Mr. Vaehell. The book was given to one of our most trusted and regular reviewers and there was, of course, no question of it being 'handed to a prejudiced critic. Our reviewer's coniment, " The book is written with great relish and gusto, and readers who share his own proclivities will find Mr. Vachell a very jolly companion," is not unfair criticism.— En. Spectator.]