22 MARCH 1930, Page 24

A Sussex Tragedy

I heard a water-lily say : " Deep down beneath my leaves so green A little love-child sleeps between My stems, and never wakes to play.

" I feel his tiny hands and feet Among my roots, and though his head Is resting in so strange a bed I know his dreams are very sweet.

"The village youngsters come and go Around my pond, and romp and fill The air with merry noise, and still My sleeping one keeps on below., " And over there across the Weald Behind the windmill,' and behind The hazel coppice, you may find A stile that leads into a field, " And up a narrow foot-way see A wicket gate, that now will show _Where hollyhocks and larkspurs blow In clumps beyond a peacock tree ; " And if you lift the rusty latch, A red brick path leads on before A cottage with a grey oak door, And roses dangling from its thatch.

" And there a scared girl-mother keeps Awake all night, and every night, And wonders if the morning light Will find her baby where it sleeps."