22 MARCH 1930, Page 3

General Primo de Rivera Last Sunday General Primo de Rivera

died suddenly in Paris. Of the ex-Dictator of Spain it may truly be said, as in the tragic case of Dr. Stresemann, that he died for his country. In the judgment of posterity he will rank as a hero, quite as much, we may hope, as the fallen on the battlefield, for whom, in our bondage to the idea of war, we usually reserve the term. He was the essence of a Spaniard, in his failings and qualities, and therein lay his undoubted popularity. A soldier without any political training, with little or no under- standing of economics, he was yet able by his Andalusian shrewdness and genial mother-wit to give his country the longest period of efficient government which it has enjoyed for over a hundred years. Spaniards, for all their independence, expect and respect efficiency in the art of government, as in every activity of the human spirit. The Spanish Government authorized a public funeral with the honours of a Captain-General. Thus " Miguelito," as he was called, was buried on Wed- nesday in San Isidoro Cemetery in Madrid.

* * * *