22 MARCH 1930, Page 3

Lord Coventry Lord Coventry, who has died at the age

of ninety-one was once described by Mr. Baldwin—so the Times tells us—as the ideal of what an English gentleman living in Worcestershire should be. The only objection to that description is that every county would wish to claim Lord Coventry as its ideal of a country gentleman who combined with sportsmanship a cultivated knowledge of the arts. Lord Coventry seemed to be marked down by nature to become the recipient of confidences. He had great charm of manner and an extreme geniality which, being unconsciously sure of itself, never impaired his perfect dignity. All the British world must have been impressed and touched by the sad, but idyllic, ending of Lord Coventry's married life. Lady Coventry, between whom and her husband there had been a mutual devotion for sixty-five years, died three days after him. * * *