22 MARCH 1930, Page 3

The New Planet The Lowell Observatory is to be heartily

congratulated on the discovery of a ninth major planet. The planet is beyond Neptune and is probably larger than the earth, but smaller than Uranus. No such important astronomical announcement has been made since Neptune was discovered in 1846 where it was expected to be as the result of the calculations of Leverrier and Adams. The discovery by the Lowell Observatory confirms the calculations of the late Dr. Percival Lowell. It is believed that the new planet is at such a distance from the sun that it receives the sun's light with a strength not more than that of moonlight and that its " year " is equal to three hundred and thirty earth-years. It was difficult to detect the planet as it is in a thick part of the Milky Way ; and it is strange to reflect that it must have been photographed many times without anyone suspecting that it was the planet eagerly sought. The identification was not complete until the planet had satisfied the calculations.