22 MARCH 1930, Page 37

A New Competition Tim Editor of the Spectator offers a

prize of £5 5s. for the best County Story. Stories must not exceed two hundred words in length: The Editor reserves the right to publish any story entered for the competition. He cannot return contribu- tions or enter into any correspondence on the subject. Entries for thI3 competition must be received by the Spectator before Friday, April' 25th.

The reason for this competition is that the Editor believes that there is a vast number of stories which illustrate, mostly in humorous form, the characteristics of the various English, Scottish, Welsh and Irish Counties.

In order to make the matter quite clear we append a specimen story :- AN EAST ANGLIAN STORY.

A labourer was paying a visit of condolence to a-woman who had recently lost her husband. The widow explained that every night since the death of her husband she had seen him appear at her bedside. She proceeded ; " He keep all on a'lookin' at me and strokin' my ould face with Ms little old hand. That fare to make me feel wonnerful an' queer 1 " The visitor exclaimed, " Well, that's a rum 'un ! Ain't that a masterpiece t I wormer whatever that do mean ? " Whereupon the widow replied, " I reckon that's a'goin' to rain."

* * * *

The Report of the Competition of anecdotes, and comments on the Italian Pictures, will be published in next week's issue of the Spectator.