22 MARCH 1930, Page 43

More Books of the Week

(Continued from page 497.)

Every local antiquary who writes a Careful history of his parish does a good work. Canon A. F. Northcote has increased the value of his Notes on the History of Monks' Eleigh (Ipswich, Harrison, 5s.), illustrated by Mr. J. Salwey, by adding an alphabetical index to the parish registers from 1557 to 1850, and a list of the inscriptions in the churchyard. Monks' Eleigh is a little village between Sudbury and Stowmarket in the south of Suffolk. It was held by Christ Church, Canterbury, in the 'tenth century, and the advowson still belongs to the Dean and Chapter. Nothing remarkable has ever happened in Monks' Eleigh, but the painstaking record— with the names of villagers at various dates—is welcome.

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