22 MARCH 1935, Page 18

A Horse's Intelligence The tale of an incident reaches me

(from an Australian Rectory) that should qualify the view held by some of our biologists that the horse must be put down as one of the least intelligent of animals. The thesis has been very hotly maintained of late ; and one of its advocates is Miss Frances Pitt, the best of all our natural history writers on the subject of mammals. The incident is as follows. During a flood in New South Wales, a small foal

" caught in a paddock near the racecourse, apparently too frightened to follow its mother when the rising waters forced her to leave, or she may have been driven out in a mob. Several men watching with keen interest the little animal careering around on the dry ground determined to rescue it by boat, if it did not come out. Presently several horses were seen making their way back through the flood waters and, surrounding the baby with almost human intelligence, coaxed it through the shallowest part to safety. Their delight on being able to rescue the youngster made a deep im- pression on all who were fortunate enough to witness the spectacle."

* * * *